This paperless system includes all the tools required to follow-up a case including the history of every action, attachments, email communications, general information, status, lawyers assigned to the case, and opponents, and of course deadlines.  The strength of the IPzen Case Management System lies in its ability to ease collaborative work and information sharing.

The Case Management System is an e-management module of matters and files.  It includes the history of each action relating to the files, attachments and deadlines.  E-files allow the sharing of information between users, enabling simultaneous work on the same file which facilitates collaborative work to improve productivity.

The e-file also consists of general information listing all data requirements such as file references, status, people in charge of the case and opponents in order to handle the case.  Each action may be documented with texts and/or attached documents.   Deadlines may be attached to an e-file and assigned to a specific user.  They will then be displayed in the user’s dashboard once logged-in to IPzen.

All types of documents may be uploaded within an e-file by any user.  The « rights » management feature forbids the deletion of documents based on a users’ profile.


Other special features in the Case Management System include :

  • A template generator to create emails and documents automatically
  • A flexible search engine to retrieve files and actions based on numerous criteria.
  • Linking of files on a parent/child model for an optimal organization of cases