Designed in the same spirit as the Trademark module, Domain Name Management offers a consolidated interface for administrative and technical management.  The module may interface with the system of your registrar for automatic updates and technical settings of the domain names.

This module completes those currently in place (Trademark Watch, Trademark Portfolio Management, Matters Management and Agenda).  The Domain Name Management module can fully manage a domain name portfolio – registrations, renewals, technical settings – while optimizing your time management through an integrated and user-friendly tool.

The Domain Name availability search feature covers all existing TLDs.  Searches can be done on a domain names list or by a single term within any TLD or list of TLDs or additionally,  by selecting a specific country or geographical area.  Results can be easily exported to an Excel file.

The administrative management features of domain names are based on the same logic as Trademark Management.  The integrated search engine allows filtering of one or more of the following criteria :

  • Expiration date (time interval)
  • Domain name status and sub-status
  • Domain name family
  • Registration or billing profiles
  • Countries of registration (ccTLDs)

A user-dedicated field allows tagging a domain name with a specific user’s label and it can also conduct subsequent searches on this criterion.  Again, results can be easily exported to an Excel file.

The Domain name technical management feature can modify attached DNS servers and the zone file when the zone management is delegated to our DNS servers.  A zone file history is stored.  As a result, it is possible to reload an old zone file at any time in order to restore a setup, without having to retype all necessary information.  With the uncluttered interface, the zone file management is simply easier and more intuitive.