Subscribe to one of the many proposed watch services and analyze all the results consolidated into a single interface.  Share the results with your colleagues and follow-up litigations in the Case Management System module.

Watch services available include : Trademarks, Domain Names, Social Media, Paid Search, Mobile Apps, Marketplace and much more.

IPzen Watch Service Plus: save time and money and ask our IPzen team to filter and analyze the watch results based on your own criteria.


The Watch module consolidates all the results from the monitoring of your trademarks in an easy-to-use interface.  The following monitoring services are available :


  • Trademark Watch Worldwide, in a set of selected countries or in a single country.  Trademarks that are detected by the watch may be compared to the trademarks being monitored.  Similar classes are redlined and the deadline for opposition relating to the registration of any detected trademark is indicated when available.  Alerts can be qualified as relevant or not and are noted for future reference.


  • Domain Name Watch will detect the registration of domain names either including or reproducing your trademarks. The monitoring service covers the gTLDs (.com), the country-code TLDs (.co, .uk, .de, .in, .au) and even the new gTLDs.


  • Social Network Watch will detect the use of your trademarks in one of the following services : Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Instragram, YouTube, Dailymotion, LinkedIn and Viadeo. Other social network services may be added upon request.


  • Google Adwords Watch will detect the use of your trademarks as keywords to trigger paid advertising on Google’s search engine. The watch can be set to a list of predefined countries and/or a list of keywords to be monitored.


  • The Mobile Apps Watch will detect the use of your trademarks in the name or the description of an app on iTunes Store or Google Play.