Why is cloud computing an indispensable tool for companies?

Cloud Computing, no longer needs to be presented. In fact, in recent years, it has become the new essential tool for companies in any field of activity.

This storage platform makes it possible to secure all company data while facilitating its transfer via the Internet.



In short, it guarantees the access to any data in any place and at any time.

The Cloud, therefore, allows for better resource accessibility, better information sharing and considerable storage capacity.

There are three forms of Cloud Computing, namely :

1.         Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS),

2.         Platform as a Service (PaaS) and ;

3.         Software as a Service (SaaS).

The choice of platform depends on the needs of each individual and the area of expertise concerned. Some companies, for example, will want to retain a certain freedom in the management of their data systems (like companies in the IT sector) while others will prefer to delegate all server management to a service provider.

– The IaaS

The IaaS allows companies to rent resources for their activities, such as servers, data storage, etc., from a provider for a monthly subscription.  This relieves the company of the burden of installing the necessary hardware.

The company won´t need to do anything, since everything will be  delegated to the supplier. Nevertheless, the company itself  will have to manage the applications and servers used for its activity.

– The PaaS

The PaaS includes the same services as the IaaS, but in addition to these services, the provider will also provide applications called « middleware applications » that bring together databases or web servers.

The company can, thus, hire the services of a server. This makes it possible to have an entire platform as a service. The company can thus use its own applications and tools and add them to the platform.

The PaaS is a platform that grants more opportunities and management freedom than the IaaS.

The SaaS

Thanks to this infrastructure, the company doesn’t have to worry about anything. Everything is the responsibility of the service provider, who ensures full management.  The company does not have to worry about the servers to transmit its data, nor about the applications to host it. Everything is accessible from the Internet. All the company has to do is log on with a password to access all the data in a secure manner. Customers pay for access to their software in the form of a subscription.

Thus, the Cloud allows companies to manage their data in the safest way possible, while benefiting from a considerable storage center, easily accessible thanks to its fluidity.

In particular, it enables companies to better control their data while planning a fixed budget, adapted to their resources and needs. In addition to budget control, the Cloud also allows them to save time and space, and therefore make their activities as profitable as possible.

Ipzen uses SaaS to optimize its data, but also to better secure it so that the company can focus on its expansion. In fact, this tool has become a real instrument of efficiency and performance for lpZen which allows the company to access the servers at any time through a simple Internet connection while allowing the protection of its customers’ data in an ultra-secure way.


Image by 200 Degrees from Pixabay

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