Cloud computing

Why is cloud computing an indispensable tool for companies?

Cloud Computing, no longer needs to be presented. In fact, in recent years, it has become the new essential tool for companies in any field of activity. This storage platform makes it possible to secure all company data while facilitating … Read More

Comment le cloud computing est-il devenu un outil indispensable pour les entreprises ?

Le Cloud Computing ou « l’informatique en nuage » en français, n’a plus à être présenté. En effet, depuis quelques années, il est devenu le nouvel outil indispensable pour toutes les entreprises et ce, dans n’importe quel domaine d’activité. Cette plateforme de … Read More

Cloud computing: what you need to know, Part. I

It would be foolish not to admit that cloud computing is radically changing the business landscape. Alternatives to the traditional in-house server have been sprouting for years, and now that cloud computing has taken off, one must face the fact … Read More

How Are Lawyers and Small Law Firms Using Technology?

Solo and small firm lawyers often find it difficult to compete with larger legal organisations in terms of resources and costs. But thanks to the increasing accessibility and affordability of technology, the playing field is being levelled all the time. … Read More

Five Reasons Why Your Law Firm Should Go Paperless

Five Reasons Why Your Law Firm Should Go Paperless Whether you’re part of a wider team or a solo operator, managing IP and most other forms of legal casework is easier, faster and more efficient with paperless solutions. According to … Read More