registered-trademark-39027_640TRADEMARK PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT


Designed by IP lawyers, this module redesigns trademark management.

Beyond the classic features of trademark information, the system includes an automatic calculation of deadlines, in-depth information on trademarks, their registration status and a quick overview of the portfolio.  The web-based solution allows access to the portfolio anytime, anywhere and on any electronic device.

This module offers full access to a trademark portfolio.  It allows a quick overview of the protection status of a sign as well as detailed information on each registered title or current registration information.


The Trademark data sheet includes all data relevant to the trademark, including next renewal or affidavit due dates which are automatically calculated using the rules of the trademark law module. Documents may be attached directly to the trademark sheet, including registration and renewal certificates, assignments or license agreements.  Each trademark is linked to an e-file in the docketing system for the follow-up of the lifecycle of its IP right.


Entering trademarks into the system is extremely simple.  Users are guided through a step-by-step process allowing the avoidance of mistakes or omissions of data entered.  The follow-up of the registration process is visually indicated by colour-coded icons.


The flexible search engine enables searches to take place in the portfolio for any trademark data, including not only deadlines and registration numbers, but also classes, goods and services as well as a set of countries or geographical areas.  Multiple search results may be consolidated into one report and exported to an Excel file with the choice of fields to export.


The Trademark module comprises of registration and renewal rules, historical rules for the entering of old trademarks and an automatic calculation of due dates.