Introducing IPzen

Dear Colleague
We are excited to introduce IPzen, a new IP management solution in the cloud. IPzen is an innovative, cost effective and easy-to-use web-based solution for:

    • IP Rights watch (trademarks, domain names, social media and much more)
    • Case management
    • Trademark portfolio management (including trademark laws)
    • Domain name portfolio management
    • Tracking deadlines

Our motto: Intellectual Property Made Easy

We aim to make simple what is complicated.
Built on an experience of over 8 years, IPzen has been designed by IP lawyers for IP lawyers. Its easy-to-use interface and easy-to-understand dataflow will save you time by reducing the learning curve, simplifying everyday tasks and securing deadlines. Built on a modular based system, IPzen is made to fit your needs.

Watch system

Subscribe to one of the many proposed watch services and analyze all the results consolidated into a single interface. Share the results with your colleagues and follow-up litigations in the Case management module.
Watch services available include: trademarks, domain names, social media, paid search, mobile apps, marketplaces, and much more.
IPzen Watch Service Plus:  Save time and money and ask our IPzen team to filter and analyze the watch results based on your own criteria.

Case Management

This paperless system includes all the tools required to follow-up a case such as history of every action, attachments, email communications, general information, status, lawyers assigned to the case and opponents, and of course deadlines. The strength of the system lies in its ability to ease collaborative work and information sharing.

Trademark Management

Designed by IP lawyers, this module redesigns the trademark management way. Beyond the classic features of trademark information, the system includes an automatic calculation of deadlines, in-depth information on trademarks and their registration status and a quick overview of your portfolio. The web-based solution allows access to the portfolio anytime, anywhere.

Domain Name Management

Designed in the same spirit as the Trademark module, it offers a consolidated interface for administrative and technical management. The module may interface with the system of your registrar for automatic updates and technical settings of the domain names.

Deadline tracking system

This module provides access to all deadlines created automatically by the system or by users and is consolidated in one place. You can sort the deadlines to display only those relevant to the user via a set of filters.

Build your success on a modern and efficient tool

If you are wasting time, money and energy going through old system case files, ciphering through information to keep ahead of deadlines, falling behind the pace of your client’s demands or struggling to stay ahead of the game in the ever evolving technology environment, contact us for more information about this revolutionary solution at contact@ipzen.local.

IPzen has a booth at the 137th Annual Meeting of INTA 2015 in San Diego.
Come and visit us or book a one-to-one meeting with us for a customized demonstration.

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