How Are Lawyers Using Software to Increase Efficiency?


The legal industry is becoming increasingly competitive, so any opportunities to drive efficiencies are always welcome — particularly where small and solo firms are concerned. Cutting costs and providing a better service can not only save money but can also attract new business. An increasing number of law firms are using the latest law firm software packages to achieve these crucial business goals.

According to this year’s American Bar Association Legal Technology Survey Report, the use of legal software for practices such as intellectual property rights management is on the rise. Lawyers and small law firms are quickly realising that the efficiencies these management tools can deliver both improve the bottom line and improve client satisfaction.

An Increasing Number of Small Law Firms Rely on Software

The American Bar Association’s recent survey revealed that 37% of law firms in the U.S. are now using law practice management software and around 30% of self-employed lawyers now rely on at least one software package.

Law management tools such as IPzen enhance collaboration, both between colleagues and with clients. This collaboration can take place without any geographical constraints, as individual users can access the software anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

The ABA’s recent survey also revealed that 53% of American law firms collaborate with their clients using software and 46% use legal software for document management. Law firms are making the switch to technology-based management solutions for these essential practices because of the cost-savings possible in relation to travel and administration.

Client billing is another area that is being streamlined through the use of law management software. Thanks to the secure environments in which Cloud-based systems operate, lawyers can safely share invoices and track payments in real time. The security of these powerful software solutions also facilitates the safe sharing of confidential documents and communications.

Law Firms Are Switching to Cloud-Based IT Systems

According to the ABA’s survey, 40% of small law firms now use Cloud-based software, while 37% of self-employed lawyers use it. The most widely used management functions

in the Cloud were billing, contact management, case management and document management. According to the survey, 31% of respondents said they were using software for the sharing of documents, which was up from 26% the year before. IPzen offers all of these important services, as well as trademark and domain name watch services — which when performed manually, can both be time- consuming and expensive tasks

IPzen is a Cloud-based management software package that includes several tools and services. As well as a comprehensive case management system, lawyers can utilise effective and efficient domain name and trademark portfolio management tools. This powerful online software also includes invoicing services, deadline tracking and IP rights watch services — everything a modern law firm needs to operate efficiently and profitably.

But don’t take our word for it. See IPzen in action by contacting us today for your free, no-obligation online demo of this comprehensive management software.

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