IPzen’s integrated invoicing system


Law firms of all sizes are increasingly turning to technology and Cloud-based software packages to boost efficiency, cut costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Significant resources and time go into billing procedures, which is why more and more firms are switching to accounting software to lighten the load. But rather than use a separate system for invoicing, firms are choosing IPzen to seamlessly integrate the billing process into general operations.

What is IPzen’s Invoicing Module?

IPzen’s Invoicing Module is a practical solution to the resource-heavy issue of invoicing within law firms. Designed to work in conjunction with the complementary Case Management and Trademark and Domain Name Portfolio Management modules, the Invoicing Module, amongst many other features, automates the consolidation of timesheets and the rebilling of official taxes.

What Are the Benefits of IPzen Invoicing?

IPzen manages the most complex invoicing procedures efficiently and with the minimum of input from lawyers and administrators. This smart invoicing system cuts the time between the completion of a case and the creation of an invoice, leading to far fewer payment delays.

By implementing the module within your organisation, you should be able to cut administration hours and costs almost immediately. Your firm can therefore save money, and spend more time with clients.

Why Law Firms Are Choosing IPzen for Invoicing

IPzen’s Invoicing Module, along with the rest of the software package, operates in the Cloud. This means it is easy and cheap to set up and maintain. All invoicing tasks are completed online, which means geography is no longer a barrier to collaborative working.

With just a click of a mouse, you can generate an invoice that includes all case actions. In addition, if your firm is managing multiple cases for a single client, IPzen can consolidate all of the concluded cases into a single invoice — slashing administration hours and costs. There is also an option to manage different invoicing profiles for each client.

There are many other features available within the IPzen Invoicing Module. For instance, users can automatically insert trademark data into invoices, send invoices via email directly from the Cloud-based system, and track payments using a colour-coded system of payment statuses. There is also a feature that allows users to edit statistics based on the type of work, the lead lawyer and the specific client.

The IPzen Invoicing Solution gives law firms the opportunity to automate the billing process and consolidate a huge amount of information from multiple sources. And the module’s flexible settings allow law firms to tailor it to their specific requirements.

IPzen is an intuitive Cloud-based management solution. As well as a comprehensive invoicing system, this extensive suite of management tools includes solutions for trademark and domain name portfolio management, case management, deadline tracking and document management. And all of these essential services operate in conjunction with one another for a seamless user experience. Contact IPzen today for a free, no-obligation demonstration of this powerful system in action.

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