Law Firms Playing a Leading Role in the SaaS Revolution

cloud-158481_640Sales of “Software as a service” (SaaS) packages are expected to grow by 20% to $106 billion in 2016. An increasing number of law firms are switching to these Cloud- based systems to cut costs, drive efficiencies and improve client satisfaction.

To understand what SaaS packages such as IPzen can do for your law firm, it’s important to understand what they are and what they can deliver.

What is SaaS?

SaaS is a Cloud-based service that gives consumers remote access to software applications over the Internet. Such packages have been around for nearly 20 years now; Facebook and Twitter are two of the most popular SaaS packages in the World, for instance. But these software-on- demand services are now helping businesses to improve profitability and customer satisfaction levels.

In return for a modest subscription charge, businesses and individuals can access this remotely stored and managed software for as long as it is needed. Data is stored, saved and backed up on remote servers, delivering a wide range of benefits to small and solo law firms.

What are the business advantages of using SaaS?

Powerful management tools such as IPzen give law firms and solo lawyers the chance to compete with much larger organisations. Various economic and operational benefits can level the playing field in the notoriously competitive legal industry.

No significant hardware costs – In most cases, law firms can use their existing hardware and Internet connection to access and utilise SaaS packages such as IPzen.

No significant setup costs – In exchange for a relatively affordable monthly or annual fee, law firms can get the software they need without having to cover the cost of development and setup.

Automatic updates – SaaS packages such as IPzen update automatically, with no input required by the user. This means there is no work involved for the client. But more importantly, law firms don’t need to pay specialist services to perform essential updates.

Only pay for what you use – Law firms may not need many of the individual services provided by SaaS packages, and in most cases, they won’t need to pay for them. Subscription costs usually reflect the level of service required. In addition, companies and solo operators can usually stop a subscription when the need for it has elapsed.

Compatible across many devices – Unlike physical software systems, SaaS packages can be accessed on almost any Internet-enabled device, including smartphones, laptops and tablets.

Accessible from anywhere in the world – With SaaS systems in place, lawyers, their clients and administrators don’t need to use specific devices to carry out their work. Access to Cloud-based SaaS systems is possible from anywhere in the World with an Internet connection, which facilitates flexible, collaborative working in real time.

IPzen is SaaS that is scalable. This powerful IP management tool consists of several different modules, including those for monitoring trademarks and domain names, case management, deadline tracking and invoicing.

See IPzen in action for yourself by contacting us for a free, no-obligation demonstration.

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