Trademark Law update in Spain

The Royal Decree-Law 23/2018 was approved by the Spanish Council of Ministers on December, 21 2018. The new law amends the current trademark Law 17/2001 dated from December,7 2001.

It adopts new trademark regulations in the domain of rail transport and travel related services. The main goal of the new law is to facilitate trademark registration process and to establish a more efficient counterfeiting protection.
In this regard Law 17/2001 was subject to major revisions in particular concerning:

  1. Signature representation: incorporation of new audio and video formats into MP3 files
  2. Renowned trademarks: the category of notorious trademark disappears by itself and only the renowned trademark that unites the two categories will exist.

The new law will come into effect on January,14 2019. However, the EMPO will be able to start processing trademark applications starting from January14, 2023.

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