A look back at the important digitization figures worldwide in 2018

Digitization has become the center of conversations: out of 7.6 billion people, more than half go on the Internet. How does this phenomenon affect companies?

Internet access has become increasingly easy,thanks to new connection means (smartphones, tablets, computers, etc.). Thus, more than 4 billion people have access to the Internet. Among them, nearly 3 billion people use Social Networks on their mobiles, creating a very large flow of communication; it is therefore essential to become familiar with this new way of working.

In France, an average person spends 1h20 per day on Social Networks, which become the main focus of interest for teenagers, especially with Instagram and Snapchat, but also for adults with LinkedIn. As a professional social network, LinkedIn represents more than 506 million members!

Companies are strongly advised to use these new digital tools, now available to all, to facilitate customer exchanges (website, chat box, etc.).

The digitalization of a company requires an evolution of its strategy in order to optimize the customer pole. This update allows new professions to appear, such as “Chief Digital Officer” or “Data Protection Officer”.

Today, many companies are implementing change management policies by integrating these new technologies. They digitize their activities to improve performance.

Digital transformation has revolutionized all working methods, especially in law; the evolution of digital tools such as the Cloud and other expert robots facilitates services as well as real-time information exchange.

The opportunity offered by new technologies has become a necessity as a large number of lawyers work on international topics.

These tools have allowed law firms to benefit from considerable timesavings on their work!

IPzen offers an “invoicing” module that allows to issue an invoice in just 3 clicks, saving 80% of your time.

Not deviating from this new trend, IPzen uses the Cloud solution to make its software accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and on any tool (telephone, computer, tablet).

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