China : The retroactive effects of the new amendment governing the alternative resolution procedure regarding <.cn>.

In our previous publication, we announced that the China Dispute Resolution Policy (CNDPR) extended the time limit within which to admit complaints about domain names.

Following the information provided by the CNNIC, we now know that the change to the new limitation period has retroactive effect.

The new amendment will apply to domain names that have been registered before its implementation, on 18th of June 2019. Hence, all the domain names registered before and after this date will benefit from this new 3 year time-bar, instead of the previously set term of 2 years.

Thus, complainants considering actions against domain names in the <.cn> space will have a greater time limit, given by the retroactive effects.

However, this new amendment shall not apply to disputes that have already been submitted. Only the upcoming complaints about <.cn> domain names will benefit from this new term.


To sum up, this retroactive effect applies to domain names registered before and after the implementation of the amendment. Only the submitted disputes, currently in progress, will still be governed by the previous Dispute Resolution Policy.

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