Brief: new steps in the opening of the 2nd Round TLD expansion program.

On June 17, ICANN’s Global Domains Division published a document in which further steps related to the next TLDs expansion rounds are assessed.

Brands shut out of the first round will be able to apply for their proprietary TLD. This communication is significant as the first public document from ICANN to discuss the internal planning for the continuing TLD expansion program.

ICANN has updated the planning process to allow new applicants to apply to a Brand TLD with their own Brand Registry.

Regarding this document, three elements must be highlighted :

  1. The number of applications that ICANN expects for this new TLD round is 2,000. In order to be able to manage them properly, and to support future rounds of new gTLDs, ICANN is already working on a new operational infrastructure (people, processes, systems) capable of supporting the program in a reliable, predictable, and sustainable manner.
  2. Another important issue which has not yet been sorted out consists in the cost of these new TLD extensions. ICANN foresees that the program will continue to operate on a cost-recovery basis; it will be funded from the collected application fees.
  3. ICANN assumes an annual application window of one to three months duration, with subsequent application windows opening during the same timeframe, once per calendar year.

The date for the next round could take place in 2021, nine years after the last 2012 round.

To follow

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