How can legal technology benefit your business?


legaltechThe idea of legal technology – also known as legal tech – refers to legal solutions that link the use of technology and powerful software to provide legal services to legal professionals. More than 78% of legal techs were created between 2016 and 2019; their speedy emergence is a significant phenomenon in the evolution of the legal sphere. Legal techs are now disrupting the traditional practices of legal professionals by offering them adapted technological solutions. The main objective of these new structures is to automate the legal service to establish a new relationship between the client and the legal professional.

The legal tech world is proving to be a sector of emerging technologies in the most mature B2B market, especially within large law firms. The most established tools include collaboration tools, document management, intellectual property management, and electronic billing.

Another benefit of the legal tech development is its adaptability. For 50% of legal techs, the Covid-19 health crisis has had a positive impact on the services they offer with an opportunity to develop new features, or specific services such as crisis management. However, this

technological development can impose a certain pressure to adopt legal technology in order to achieve greater efficiency and increase workload and complexity. There is also a shift in the demographic makeup of lawyers towards a younger, more techsavvy staff, along with an increase in client expectation in the context of cost and speed. While the main barriers to the adoption of legal tech remain an issue in the legal industry, those who manage to do so are being seen as pioneering law firms that are becoming more advanced and in tune with innovation.

The importance of adopting legal tech lies in a significant impact on the future of law and the legal profession as new skills, delivery models, and a competitive environment begin to emerge in the industry. How can a law firm easily adopt new ways? Implementation of various, practical tools that are easy to understand is a good start. IPzen was founded in 2014. IPzen is an online platform for trademark portfolio and case management. IPzen legal tech offers law firms, legal departments, and Intellectual Property Attorneys a collaborative and intuitive tool, created by lawyers, for lawyers. This cloud solution aims to offer the freedom to work both remotely and at the office on all intellectual property files, including trademark portfolios, while they are safely stored and backed-up in various locations.

IPzen has been developed according to the modern requirements and challenges of IP portfolio management.

Health crisis and the generalization of telecommuting: how did IPzen specifically adapt?

As a simple, reliable and precise cloud solution, IPzen is easily accessible regardless of your location. This ergonomic solution is easily adaptable to the specifics of our clients’ activities. What especially makes the difference is optimization of the daily management of your intellectual property. These factors ensure the continuity of your files even when working from home or elsewhere. A simple internet connection and a browser give you access to IPzen in a few seconds.

Because of this, IPzen offers lawyers and attorneys the ability to keep the continuity of work whatever the circumstances. Our objective is to make our clients operational by allowing them to work remotely thanks to our collaborative tool in Saas mode.

What are the main features of IPzen?

IPzen is a solution that can be fully customized according to the needs of the company or the law firm. The platform includes various modules such as dashboard, an agenda to manage deadlines, a case management module, and a directory.

The tool also has two additional modules. The first one is dedicated to trademarks and gives access to all stages of the trademark procedure (filings, official titles, renewals, disputes, etc.). Thanks to a multi-criteria search engine within the system, it’s possible to run a search of trademarks quickly and easily, according to various criteria. Then, the automatic calculation of renewal and affidavit dates decreases the possibility of missing a deadline.

The second module is dedicated to domain name management. Designed in the same spirit as the trademark portfolio management tool, this additional module offers an interface to manage administrative and technical issues related to domain names.  This module can be adapted to the registrar system used by our client to obtain automatic updates and appropriate technical parameters.

What about invoicing?

The IPzen solution is much appreciated by our customers because the invoicing is fully integrated, saving them time and allowing them to generate an invoice in just a few clicks.

What guarantees do you have in terms of data security?

IPzen was designed with the constant concern of securing client data. To achieve this, our team opted for a cloud technology, composed of dedicated servers that govern a pre-installed virtualization solution. Each customer has their own dedicated virtual server on our cloud space with no risk of confusion between users’ data. The connection to their virtual machine is secured and encrypted through a SSL certificate that authenticates the customer’s virtual machine and ensures that it is not subject to interceptor attacks.

In addition, we have included a continuous backup service for our customers’ data. The backup strategy allows for a retroactive recovery of up to one year of data. All servers are continuously monitored to ensure availability and reactivity in case of a cyberattack. In short, customer satisfaction is our main concern. That is why we offer a 100% secure solution and ongoing technical support to our customers. The IPzen solution is the right tool for all legal professionals who are looking to automatize their workload and to manage their daily workflow. Create a work rhythm based on personalized actions, generate automatic deadlines, visualize the progress of the workflow on a timeline and share work with your team. Our legal tech will also help you to not miss any deadlines. Use filters to prioritize, manage and assign them to your colleagues or clients.

What is certain is that choosing IPzen will make the difference in optimization of your daily management of intellectual property.

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