The IPzen platform – The trademark module

Are you a legal professional looking for a simple, efficient and lasting solution to manage your IP portfolio? Your business is growing and you want to organise your files in the best possible way? Discover IPzen plateform: a software designed to manage your documents, as well as trademark and domain name portfolios.

IPzen is an electronic file and trademark management software developed in a web environment focused on the user. A powerful tool, designed by and for IP lawyers. With IPzen, managing your trademark portfolio has never been easier!


The platform, and more specifically the modules behind IPzen, allows lawyers to offload a large number of time-consuming administrative tasks.

One example is the trademark management portfolio, which offers the possibility to access all of your trademarks from a central hub. Gone are the days of old folders, Excel files or other filing systems: IPzen gives you quick and effortless access to your IP portfolio at any time. It is the solution for managing your national, regional and international trademarks. You can even grant online access to other departments if you work in a company or to your clients if you work in a practice.

IPzen is above all:

  • Fast integration of new trademark filings: In one click, manage and view all your new trademark filings and related disputes.
  • A directory of different trademark laws: Gain access to and download all available trademark laws in the world.
  • Accurate online search: Access a search engine that allows you to extract trademarks from your portfolio based on specific criteria of your choice. The colour coding provides a comprehensive visual aid to help you organise your search.
  • A trademark calendar: View your deadlines, renewals, affidavits and issue dates in one single place.
  • Efficient synchronisation of trademark sheets and files: Trademark sheets and related files are fully linked. Find any document with just a few keywords.
  • Research, reports and statistics: Generate reports and statistics based on your research.
  • Transfer your data from an existing system: Don’t worry about starting from scratch. Easily transfer all your data from one platform.
  • Enhanced security: All legal information is extremely sensitive and confidential, which is why we ensure that it is completely secure with SSL-certified data encryption, backup, recovery and 24/7 monitoring.
  • And much more than that!

Connect to the IPzen online portal and let yourself be guided by an intuitive interface, personalised according to your preferences. Manage your trademarks with ease!

Intuitive navigation, short learning curve: your team will be up and running in minutes, saving you hours of training. An effortless experience including the dashboard, file management, calendar, invoices and directories, and an administration menu.

At IPzen, we focus on efficiency. This is why we want to offer you the tools you need to act autonomously and have full control over your intellectual property.

A low investment but a high added value based on tools designed and developed by professionals. With IPzen, you will unleash the full potential of your teams and your company.

Adopting IPzen is the best choice.

If you would like to take advantage of all of IPzen’s advanced features to simplify your daily operations and allow you to spend more time satisfying your customers, contact an expert today.

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