Optimisez l’efficacité de votre organisation grâce à Ipzen

Maximize Your Organisation’s Efficiency Using IPzenFor any legal intellectual property professional, organisational efficiency is one of the most important elements for long-term success. Between counseling, advising, and representing clients in court, having enough bandwidth to properly manage the workflow is critical for both client and employee satisfaction. Generally, most intellectual property professionals thrive in their ability to manage front-end client activities, but often lack in effectively managing the back-end processes to achieve those goals. Fortunately, with the right inputs in place, your business can attain a state of “IP Nirvana”, where everything works. It all starts with adopting the right infrastructure and systems to create massive leverage, and then simply letting time do the rest.

The first step is ensuring your organisation’s workspace is free from unnecessary clutter that’s weighing it down from reaching its true potential. With negative “excess” constantly in the way, daily tasks become more awkward and time-consuming – making bottlenecks inevitable. In fact, by removing the right inefficiencies and introducing new positive inputs, tripling your outputs can become infinitely easier. That’s where workplace processes come in – the next critical step to the “IP Nirvana” formula. With a clean slate in place, we can now introduce new positive processes and systems into the business that create ultimate leverage and minimise human capital. In order to ensure both criteria are met and properly executed, it all begins with clear and aligned company objectives. As an effective leader, that includes giving your team the right tools to thrive.

That is where IPzen can help. IPzen is an intellectual property management software platform that handles everything from clearance, evaluation, and counseling of trademarks to litigation, defense of infringement claims, anti-counterfeiting, and enforcement. It’s a fully comprehensive solution that puts the power back in your hands, accessible from anywhere in the world, at any time.

For example, integrated invoicing allows you to manage the profit statistics and retrieve essential data, saving valuable time all whilst increasing productivity. Case management 2.0 helps you access your client portfolios, documentation, invoices, and deadlines in real-time – allowing a seamless workflow for all members of your team. In addition, with the management of comprehensive documentations, cases, trademarks, domain names, and deadlines, IPzen is truly a perfect solution that has given busy IP law professionals the tools they need to make managing their client’s data easier and drastically accelerate task completion time.

IPzen also allows you to:

  • Run customised searches
  • Share large amounts of data
  • Selectively display data
  • Generate production sheets
  • Organise all calendar updates, deadlines, and reminders from one place
  • Have 24/7 highly encrypted data security
  • Case storage & management

Equipped with an intuitive platform and informative dashboard, staying connected between associates and clients is effortless. As your business begins to expand, you can become more organised and efficient with each day that passes. The ultimate result is fast-tracking the time needed to become a top leader in your niche.

IPzen is a popular and affordable solution that IP professionals around the world are using to significantly increase their organisation’s efficiency and free up precious bandwidth so they can start focusing more on their customers. Happier clients mean greater revenue, higher employee satisfaction, fewer operational headaches, and so much more.

If you would like to see how IPzen can transform the efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness of your organisation, schedule a demo with an expert from our team here.





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