Dive Into Summer With A Cutting-Edge Trademark Docketing & Invoicing Tool


Summer is all about change – taking the opportunity to re-evaluate what’s working, what’s not working, and begin implementing the necessary steps to change. If you’re an IP professional or lawyer, use this summer to reflect and remove the weeds from your business and introduce a new set of tools to skyrocket it forward on a completely different trajectory. Specifically, taking the opportunity to equip yourself with a trademark tool that manages all your docketing and invoicing activities is a surefire way to increase productivity, lower expenses, and supercharge your revenue.

Here’s why: many IP professionals have their hands tied constantly trying to manage the fires in their business and mundane administrative activities. Instead of focusing on front-facing client activities that actually generate revenue, they find themselves spinning their wheels on low-impactful tasks that don’t get the business any further ahead. Even with these activities handed off to employees, they’re spending time on low ROI processes that can simply be automated. Instead, by allowing an award-winning system to do all the heavy lifting and manage all high burdened tasks under one centralized umbrella, you’ll be able see the difference in your business in a matter of days.

That’s where IPzen can help. We are an intellectual property management software platform that puts all your docketing and invoicing activities into one, easy-to-use software. It’s a fully comprehensive solution that puts the power back in your hands, accessible anywhere in the world.

Inside the trademark docketing software, you’ll be able to:

  • Create a detailed invoice with in-depth breakdowns from one simple click
  • Manage various invoicing profiles from each client
  • Easily insert trademark data automatically into the invoice
  • Merge several cases into one invoice
  • Send emails with invoices attached from inside the system
  • Track payments and create follow-up reminders with color-coded statuses

All these tools and features provide one global solution that is built to seamlessly integrate into your organization’s existing infrastructure.

Once inside, you’ll see just how intuitive and what new insights you’ll learn about your business that will give you deep intel to make smarter business decisions – allowing you to reduce payment cycles, avoid administrative delays, and stay connected between associates and clients in real-time. With this level of organization, as your business begins to expand, you can feel confidence and peace of mind with greater efficiency and effectiveness in your day-to-day operations. With faster processing time and more bandwidth to focus on your customers, you can fast-track the path to becoming a top competitor in your niche.

In addition, having more streamlined operations means fewer bottlenecks in your business. Fewer bottlenecks mean less headaches for both you and your team – making operations a whole lot easier and work output exponentially higher. Now, your employees can work on what they’re best at while enjoying every step of the process.

If you want to make this your best summer yet with greater organizational efficiency, productivity, team morale, and more, schedule a demo with an expert from our team today. Together, we’ll uncover the challenges in your current operational workflow, and show you how IPzen’s docketing system can add hundreds of additional hours to your business at an affordable price.

You can schedule a demo here.

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