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IPzen trademark portfolio

IPzen trademark portfolioManaging complicated trademark portfolios could be an incredibly time-consuming and niggling task as it involves the cooperation of legal, IT and administrative departments. Yet, even the slightest oversight could potentially result in disastrous consequences such as missed deadlines and lapsed trademark rights. However, like other professional practice, needs specific to the industry could only be solved by its specialists. That is precisely why IPzen is your best IP software solution.




Designed by who, for who ?


IPzen makes the job easier because, as IP professionals we truly understand trademarks. Having spent hundreds of hours interviewing trademark professionals, we know our clients inside out and have identified what they look for in a trademark management system. Our interactive development process produces trademark management tools that focus on the actual practices of trademark attorneys. From legislation updates to client reports, we’ve developed an intuitive system that administrates the entire trademark file management process, so you don’t have to. No other tool on the market is as easy to use

You might think the operation of specialised software requires technical IT know-how or a shallow learning curve. It is noticed that applications on the market, while prideful of their functionalities, present themselves in an unattractive and convoluted manner which eventually intimidates their users. IPzen believes otherwise. Any great tool puts people first, and that is why we focus on creating an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. With categorised tabs and sorting options, it requires very little training and ramp-up time for any ordinary user to swiftly navigate the platform.

A good example of IPzen’s user-oriented design is its search bar. With the help of IPzen’s precise multi-criteria search engine, you may locate trademarks in your portfolio by sorting through the files using various sets of criteria, such as expiration dates, registration numbers, classes etc. On the search results page, you would notice colour codes right underneath the status bar. Different colours represent the different protection statuses of a trademark. These quick summaries paint a clear overall picture of your trademark portfolio and alert you of any irregularities instantly. With all the trademarks gathered into a central hub, IPzen allows you to grant access to these files to multiple users. You may work across different departments or with your clients simultaneously without hassle, thereby streamlining every day-to-day operation and information exchange.

The IPzen system uses different colours as a visual aid to facilitate and organise data recognition. A blue box indicates a pending registration; a dark green box represents total protection; a light green one denotes partial protection; a red box symbolises a dispute while a dark blue box signifies the absence of protection. With the help of IPzen’s colour coding mechanism, you may monitor or prioritise the handling of a trademark according to its urgency. Using IPzen is simple, quick, and most importantly, very easy.



If you are searching for an easy-to-use, efficient docketing tool tailor-made for IP professionals, look no further and schedule a demo here with an expert from our team today.


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