A Better Way to Manage Your Trademark Portfolios

For IP lawyers in today’s fast-paced work environment, their mental and physical well-being is often compromised. Why? Between acquiring new clients and managing existing clients’ trademark portfolios and their associated interactions, court proceedings, and internal operations, it’s enough to make any “resilient” trademark professional want to step back and take a break. Instead of spending time on front-facing activities that actually generate more revenue, they usually find themselves tangled up in large volumes of administrative work. Even if their team manages it for them, they still end up spending precious human capital on tasks that should be automated.


That’s where IPzen can help. IPzen is an all-in-one IP management software that allows you to manage the entire trademark assets from one centralized platform. It provides you with a powerful set of reporting tools and smart email templates to remove the clutter, so you can focus on what you do best.


Having spent hundreds of hours working with trademark professionals and asking what they want, we were able to create an intuitive system that just makes sense, with minimal training and ramp-up time. It’s a trademark docketing software solution that’s designed by trademark lawyers for trademark lawyers.


IPzen comes equipped with a multi-criteria search bar to find all the files you need – completely color coded for easy identification of the status of each trademark. For example, blue means pending registration, dark green means total protection, light green means partial protection, red means dispute, and dark blue means no protection.


As well, multi-user access allows everyone on your team to access and manage their documents/files rapidly from their computer or mobile phone.  Whether it’s clearance and evaluation to counseling for trademark litigation, defense against infringement claims, anti-counterfeiting, and enforcement – IPzen takes conventional IP processes that are known to be complex and simplifies them into one unified solution.


Other highlights include:


  • Real-Time Feedback: Stay up to date with your client and file information, with a “birds-eye” overview of your client’s portfolios in real time. More than that, you can track the live progress and status of any trademark process.
  • Trademark Managing System Legislation Integration: Automatically calculate all incoming renewals and affidavits based on each trademark’s legislation.
  • Precise “Multi-Criteria” Search Engine: Retrieve any trademark based on broad or specific search criteria that are color coded.
  • Trademark Agenda: Get instant access to all your deadlines for renewals, oppositions, affidavits, and issue dates from one centralized location.
  • Document Library: Attach all your documents (multiple formats) to your trademark records and linked files.
  • Research, Reports & Statistics: Search for client data, financial reports, demographics, and more; then generate key insights for smarter business decisions.
  • Easy Transfer: Transfer all your previous data from existing sources onto IPzen for superior management.
  • High-Level Security: Have confidence that your data is secure with SSL-certified data encryption for storage, backup, and retrieval. Automated backup and 24/7 monitoring are also included.


Altogether, it’s an affordable alternative that puts the power back into your hands. Accessible from the cloud, you can access and manage your trademarks anywhere in the world, whenever you want – available on beautifully displayed dashboards for easy interpretation.


Since the beginning, IPzen was designed to be an IP portfolio platform for trademark lawyers with the goal of forever transforming the way they manage their heavy lifting tasks. So far, it’s been a tremendous success, leading to many happy clients.


If this seems like something that interests you, get a free demonstration with an expert here today.


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Quick. Simple. Easy. That’s the IPzen difference.

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