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Optimisez l’efficacité de votre organisation grâce à Ipzen

Maximize Your Organisation’s Efficiency Using IPzenFor many intellectual property professionals, having to manage the non-stop clutter of their trademarks is one of the biggest bottlenecks in their business. Between advising, counseling, and representing clients, there is little time to manage anything else. It’s an area that when neglected, often results in the rest of the business becoming negatively impacted (as there is no support for impactful front-facing activities).

Even if the business owner is doing all the heavy lifting on their own, that’s less time dedicated to expanding their business and growing – a massive opportunity cost. It’s a problem that causes expenses to be higher than they should be, revenue not being fully maximized, overall operational efficiency decreasing, and your team feeling like their hands are always tied.

That’s where IPzen can help you. It’s an IP trademark management system that handles all aspects involved in protecting intangible assets. These include clearance and evaluation to counseling for trademark litigation, defence against infringement claims, anti-counterfeiting, and enforcement. It’s an affordable solution catering to every modern-day IP lawyer, enabling you to run more smooth day-to-day operations across every layer of your business. Now you can focus on your highest leverage activities that lead to more clients and less headaches.

Legal professionals around the world are choosing IPzen for all their intellectual property management needs. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Easy to use: From the moment you begin using the IP management software, you’ll instantly get an intuitive grasp where everything just makes sense, making implementation and results fast.
  • Saves time: With redundant tasks now automated, both you and your team can save time and focus on your most important tasks that will drive your business exponentially forward.
  • Robust security: Feel at ease that your sensitive documents are always secured, backed with advanced SSL encryption, automated backups, and 24/7 server monitoring.
  • Shared and controlled access: Based on your requirements, IPzen will give you the exact number of users you need to run your business securely, with the ability to share collaborative tools and limit access of certain individuals when needed.
  • Financial monitoring & beautiful dashboards: Quickly view specific financial metrics and KPIs of your business with ongoing monitoring and alerts when specific thresholds are met, allowing you to make accurate financial forecasts.
  • Accessible from anywhere: Forget being limited to only accessing your important files and documents locally (a major security risk). Instead, you or your team can access your IP assets from a secured cloud, anywhere in the world.
  • Fully customizable: Make the IP portfolio platform IPzen work for you, with full customization where you can design your own work plan, automatically generate deadlines, receive detailed visualizations, and more.

If you’re intellectual property legal professional, IPzen is a leading trademark docketing software solution that easily plugs in your business’s existing infrastructure. With all the necessary right systems in place, you’ll unlock “IP Nirvana” – a place where everything just works. The result for you? Fewer hours worked, less stress, and more freedom in your personal life.

Many IP professionals would agree – IPzen gives you all the necessary building blocks to shortcut your way to a more successful organization. With more bandwidth, you can keep your customers happier, generate more revenue, increase employee morale, and more.

Want to see how IPzen can transform your business and make your life a whole lot easier? Getting started is easy. Schedule a free demo with an expert from our team here.

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