IPzen has been designed by trademark lawyers for trademark lawyers, consultants and professionals.

IPzen makes the job of managing trademark portfolios easier because we understand trademarks.

We know what our clients need and expect from us. Moreover, we believe in continuous improvement and have developed the IPzen platform to evolve in this way.  We have worked closely collaborating with our clients, trademark colleagues and professionals to really get to understand what they want in a trademark management system.

Our interactive development process produces trademark management tools that deeply reflect our focus on the actual practice requirements required from the experience obtained by trademark attorneys. We’ve created a highly intuitive solution that covers the complete trademark file management process.

IPzen – The Easiest Tool To Use In the Market

The IPzen interface is intuitive and easy to use, requiring very little training, onboarding and setup time.  IPzen is equipped with a multi-criteria search bar to find the files you need. Colour codes give you instant access to the status of a trademark. Multi-user access allows all the necessary users to access and management required for all documents and files.

IPzen – An Interface Snapshot










As you can see, we use different colours to facilitate and organise data recognition.


IPzen – The Top Ten Benefits for Your Business

Here are some of the reasons Legal professionals from around the world are choosing IPzen for all their intellectual property management needs.


♦ Easy to use : Anyone with basic computer skills can use IPzen

♦ Time Saver : With redundant tasks now automated, IP professionals can save time and focus on the most important tasks that will drive their business forward exponentially

♦ Cyber Security : In these heightened times of cyber-attacks and threats, the IPzen platform has been created with security at the heart of the development process. Data and sensitive information is always secure with advanced SSL encryption, automated backups and 24/7 server monitoring.

♦ Shared and controlled access : Based on what the customer requires, IPzen will arrange the exact number of users requested to enable the business to run smoothly and securely with the ability to share collaborative tools while at the same time having the ability to limit and manage the access of specific users when needed as part of the identity and access management process.

♦ Financial Monitoring and Dashboards : IP professionals can quickly and efficiently view specific financial metrics and KPIs of their business with ongoing monitoring and alerts when specific thresholds are met, allowing users to make accurate financial forecasts

♦ Accessible from anywhere at anytime : Our customers can access their IP assets from a secured cloud, from anywhere in the world.

♦ Flexible : a fully established and real-time tested portfolio based IP system that is flexible and allows all necessary requirements you need in one place

♦ Module based platform : Modules can be easily used by non-legal firms, corporations or start-ups, to diligently manage their work files and day-to-day activities

♦ Automated : automated software to effectively manage tasks for the entire IP lifecycle, allowing you to have more time to manage your business and spend quality time advising or liaising with your clients

♦ Digitally transformative : Build your business and success with our digitally efficient and innovative platform



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