IPzen evolving technology your ultimate “Trademarks portfolio management” solution

Cloud technology has allowed innovative solutions to thrive in a digital environment in perpetual evolution. Public, Private and Hybrid cloud technologies for software, platforms, infrastructures and more have changed the way we manage intricate information and data in a secure way, management is now faster and more secure.



With continuous evolution of more sophisticated and advanced technologies, there is a rapid increase in organizations, IP law firms and in-house legal counsels adopting Trademark Portfolio Management software solutions to manage the entire IP intellectual property lifecycle.

If not already, within the next two to three years, most organizations will be reliant on cloud based technology to manage their intellectual property assets.

This exponential boom has propelled the evolution of DevOps (and now more rapidly, DevSecOps – development, security and operations). This is where the strategic build and design stage of an application or platform is structured to ensure the protection of data.

With these latest updates and technologies, work has become easier and can be done anywhere at anytime, using a basic internet connection.

IPzen, the trademark portfolio management solution is no exception. It’s an innovative platform of modules developed on cloud technology for trademark portfolio management and much more. IPzen was created by the Founder and CEO of Harbor Technologies, who is also a specialist of intellectual property https://www.ipzen.com/management-team/

Harbor Technologies was established in 2007 and is a software publisher and online services company providing solutions for consultants, law firms, in-house legal counsels and attorneys. IPzen offers the ability to manage and optimize what is at the heart of everyone’s business: client relationships.

IPzen, a powerful and innovative SaaS (Software as a Service) product is evolving towards becoming a XaaS (Everything as a Service) solution. Harbor Technologies is a growing organization that launched IPzen at INTA in San Diego in 2015.

INTA is the global association of brand owners and professionals dedicated to supporting trademarks and more generally intellectual property (IP) to foster consumer trust, economic growth, and innovation. INTA is committed to building a better society through brands. (hyperlink to INTA website).

Since launching IPzen in 2015, the platform has evolved with additional modules being added to ensure a seamless oversight (process) of the entire IP lifecycle for trademark portfolios, domain names, IP watches. The modules that make up the platform allow users to attach documents and emails to case files, to follow-up on files, to plan daily tasks, services, projects and interventions. The platform has the ability to monitor the agenda of tasks and deadlines (work related deadlines and official deadlines), upload affidavits, certifications, any documentation related to the file, seizures and control of your diligence as well as your billing.

Putting it simply, IPzen effectively integrates a range of services, modules and dashboards in an “all-in-one” place. IPzen is capable of streamlining your entire workday so you can spend more quality time advising your clients.

Some of the advantages IPzen has for IP professionals searching for the best Trademark Portfolio Management solution include:

• Reducing the workload associated with managing intellectual property process

• Freeing up bandwidth of router networks for other high optimization value activities

• Managing customer relations, managing sales, working more easily and readily with teams, management and clients

• Managing day to day activities more effectively and proactively as outlined in our Agenda section

• For a full overview of benefits from these associated modules visit our features section of the Trademark Portfolio Management.

IPzen is specifically designed to protect confidential and sensitive information, to secure the primary data of your company as well as the confidential information of your clients. The concepts of security and confidentiality were included in the build, design and development of the software platform and its technical infrastructure.

IPzen is developed on real time platforms where cloud technology allows access to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (24/7). If there is an incident in one zone where the production servers are based, almost immediately, the “back-up zone” kicks in. This back up strategy ensures access to the IPzen product immediately.

We have ensured our backup cloud is setup in a different back up zone, outside of the production zone to prevent any downtime. This has significantly lowered the business impact risk as part of the overall business impact analysis. Therefore, users and organizations have extremely low risk in losing access to their data. They can get on with doing their business-as-usual activities, accessing the platform securely using any web browser from anywhere in the world.

Importantly, IPzen sits in the private cloud environment. A private cloud is a cloud service exclusively offered to one organization. By using a private cloud, an organization can experience the benefits of cloud computing without having to share resources with other organizations. Private clouds offer the benefits of cloud computing without the perceived security risks of a public cloud.

Our team will be happy to provide you with a free demo of the  Trademark Portfolio Management solution.  Do not hesitate to get in touch with  us at contact@ipzen.com or visit our website www.ipzen.com.

Designed by IP lawyers for IP professionals, law firms and corporations, IPzen has been developed with the requirements of managing an entire IP rights portfolio in mind. We keep you informed about the modern requirements and challenges of IP portfolio management through articles written by the IPzen team.

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