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Today, faster than ever before, more than 83% of companies are now moving their entire infrastructure and applications into the cloud environment.
As outlined in the 2023 Gartner report, 90 to 95% of applications will be cloud native by 2025. It’s an incredible scale, considering that here at IPzen we were already scaling to this trend when we launched our Trademark Portfolio Management Solution in 2015!

Trademark Portfolio Management Solution

Companies, businesses and law firms are migrating data, applications and infrastructure to the cloud to save money, to increase the protection of their data through stronger cybersecurity protocols and importantly, to gain a competitive advantage in this ever increasing world of digital transformation.



As we move to the cloud to reap the operational benefits of outsourcing critical business functions, many law firms and businesses are utilising cloud computing such as software as a service (SaaS) which assists us in achieving critical goals such as cost reductions, the benefit of real time between business to business or customer, and the ability to work from anywhere at any time.


Software as a Service is literally a cloud based model to manage software applications, where businesses can access and use the software over the internet without the need for installation or maintenance onsite.

The cost benefit analysis is overwhelmingly positive, which confirms the reason why businesses are moving so rapidly into this environment. 

Below are some clearly defined examples of why SaaS is good for business, and why we chose to develop the IPzen platform as a SaaS product to manage the entire Intellectual Property life cycle for your business or law firm to help you achieve your goals even faster.


IPZEN: SaaS Solution For Trademark Portfolio Management


Cost Savings:

One of the biggest advantages of SaaS is cost savings. With SaaS, businesses can access and use software without having to make a large upfront investment in hardware and software to develop applications in-house. 

Instead they pay a subscription fee, which covers the cost of the number of users and the level of usage.  The subscription based model, allows businesses to avoid costs associated with purchasing, installing, testing, maintaining software or hardware, as well as the costs associated with hiring IT staff on a full time basis from a management oversight point of view.  

Easy to Use:

SaaS platforms are designed to be user friendly.  You don’t have to be a “techie” to learn how to use a SaaS product.  It’s accessible for small, medium and large sized firms.  Using a SaaS based product, businesses can get started quickly and easily, without the need for extensive training or IT support.

With our IPzen SaaS platform, we provide customer support and training resources to help businesses and law firms get the most out of the platform to manage their Intellectual Property assets. 

At IPzen we provide a free demonstration of how the platform works.  Our training is then available in two sessions over two hours each session. At the end of the training, you will be absolutely set to manage  the entire Intellectual Property assets.



Our IPzen SaaS platform is designed to be scalable, which means businesses can easily add or remove users and features as their needs change.  

This makes IPzen ideal for businesses that are growing or have fluctuating requirements, as they can easily adjust their software usage. 

Scalability can also help businesses save money as they solely pay for what they need to use.  For more information about our scalability with the use of IPzen please visit this link: https://www.ipzen.com/prices/


Security & Reliability:

Cloud platforms are managed by third parties, and we all rely on our vendors security and management strategies as we ultimately put our sensitive information into these applications and platforms.

Trust is the way of doing business today, and as we become more reliant on vendors (third parties) to ensure the complete security and management of our access to everything from laptops, tablets, mobile phones and more, we are putting our trust in their hands.  In so doing, we require that they ensure our data cannot be breached and that their security practices are at the top of their agenda on our behalf. 

At IPzen, this is most certainly the case. We have ensured strict policies and procedures in configuring our platform that sits in the private cloud.

Our SaaS providers are responsible for the security, reliability and accessibility of the software that manages your data.  To ensure businesses can be confident that their data is safe and secure, SaaS providers have extremely rigorous criteria to follow which will include using state-of-the-art security technologies to protect their customer’s data, and having up-to-date certifications and regular assessments to be in line with regulatory and compliance standards worldwide, typically ISO27001, NIST and the CSA (Cloud Security Alliance) protocols and frameworks.

With all these requirements to ensure reliability, accessibility and security, businesses can have peace of mind, knowing that their data is secure and that they are not responsible for managing the underlying technology costs.  This criteria is normally outlined within the Service Level Agreement as part of the subscription based model. 

At IPzen we clearly outline these elements within our Service Level Agreement as part of the subscription, giving peace of mind and clarity to our clients.




SaaS platforms typically are accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, which makes it ideal for businesses that have employees working remotely or in multiple locations.  The COVID pandemic, was most definitely the boosting element that drove this extraordinary change to uptrend SaaS platforms at such scalable rates today.

With the IPzen SaaS platform, businesses and law firms can access their software from anywhere, at anytime, which can help improve productivity and collaboration.

Importantly, the IPzen SaaS platform has been designed to be compatible with a wide range of devices being IoT (Internet of Things). This includes desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.



The IPzen SaaS platform ensures that the software is updated on a regular basis, which means that businesses always have access to the latest features and functionality wherever they are located.

Additionally, we ensure that our IPzen software is compatible with the latest operating systems and hardware, which means that our clients can focus on using their software, rather than having to manage it.

In determining a safe and flexible solution, look no further with all the advantages that IPzen could be for your law firm or organisation. 

IPzen: The Trademark Portfolio Management Solution

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