Greater Well-Being Means A Better Business

The mental and physical well-being of an organization’s employees and leadership team is foundational to their success. How its team feels on an individual level will reveal on how the organization operates on a macro level. When every member of … Read More

Un plus grand bien-être est synonyme de meilleures performances

Le bien-être mental et physique des employés et des dirigeants d’une organisation est la base de son succès. La façon dont l’équipe se sent d’un point de vue individuel sera révélatrice du fonctionnement de l’organisation au niveau macro. Lorsque chaque … Read More

Domain name: expense or intangible asset?

On December 7, 2016, the Conseil d’Etat(tenth Chamber), issued a judgment which confirms that the domain name is in fact an intangible asset. The issue of the classification of property as expenses or assets Intellectual property cannot be easily classified … Read More