Expired domain name buyout, a risk-free strategy?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) corresponds to all the techniques adopted to increase the visibility of a website in search engine results. Several strategies have been created to successfully carry out this optimization of a website on search engines. Expired domain name will remain an important strategy in 2019.

An expired domain name is a domain name registered by companies or individuals but which has not been renewed or which has been intentionally abandoned. This domain name is therefore available for registration with registrars.

What are the advantages of buying an expired domain name?

The expired domain name has a domain historic of all the links and references accumulated during its existence. For example, the domain name <Marine2017.fr> used to be the website of a candidate to the French presidential elections, and has now been converted into a comparative shopping site for robot vacuum cleaners.  Thanks to the good referencing by its former owner, the website benefits from a good visibility that attracts many Internet users. As a result, a domain name historic with a lot of links and references fosters a powerful natural referencing!

What are the risks?

Domain names are a valuable business asset for companies, but they may also represent a risk.

Therefore, the buyout of an expired domain name is not without risk. Indeed, if the domain name used to belong to a renowned brand or a brand still used, the purchase of an expired domain name may infringe prior intellectual property rights. For example, the purchase by a competitor of an expired domain name constitutes an act of unfair competition if it has caused confusion with the former holder. (Cass. com., February 2, 2016, n° 14-20.486, “Sté Les Vents du Nord c/ Sté Brass and wood”).

In addition, there are other risks related to the buyout of expired domain names, in particular, such as :

  • A possible loss of traffic due to an old penalty.
  • A penalty from Google in the case of a 301 redirection, i.e. a redirection of all expired domain names acquired to a main website.

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