A guide to trademark protection in China

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In the ever-expanding Chinese market, protecting your trademark is not just a legal formality but a critical business strategy. With a surge in online businesses, safeguarding your brand’s identity becomes paramount. This guide delves into the essentials of trademark protection in China, covering the legal landscape, registration nuances, and strategies for enforcement.

Understanding trademark laws and registrations in China

China’s approach to trademark protection is governed by the Trademark Law of the People’s Republic of China, which is frequently updated to bolster business rights. A distinctive aspect of Chinese trademark law is its “first filing” system, favoring the initial applicant over subsequent ones. In China, the process is unified at the national level, typically taking 7 to 9 months.

Before filing for registration, conducting a comprehensive trademark search is crucial to avoid conflicts with existing trademarks. This can be done through a trademark agent. Selecting a reputable agent with experience in your industry can facilitate a smooth registration process, guiding you through the necessary documentation and ensuring compliance with Chinese regulations. IPzen can help you.

The application process involves submitting a detailed form that includes personal and trademark information, along with the classes of goods and services it will cover. After paying the requisite fees, the application undergoes examination by the Chinese Trademark Office (CTMO), a process that can reveal if any additional information or adjustments are needed. Successful applications are published in the Trademark Gazette, opening a three-month window for opposition. If no substantial opposition arises, the trademark is registered, granting the holder legal protection. IPzen has a worldwide network of agents and can assist you to file and register your trademark in China.

Protecting your trademark post-registration

Once registered, the burden is on the trademark holder to monitor for potential infringements actively. This includes regular checks of the CTMO database and online marketplaces, where infringements are common. Should an infringement be detected, the trademark holder has several enforcement options, from issuing cease and desist letters to filing legal complaints. However, litigation should be considered a last resort, with negotiation and settlement often being more efficient solutions.

An additional protective measure is registering your trademark in Chinese characters, enhancing brand recognition and protection in the local market. This step is crucial given the prevalence of online counterfeiting and the need for brands to be easily identifiable by Chinese consumers.

Avoiding common pitfalls

Several common mistakes can undermine trademark protection efforts in China. Delaying registration can be particularly risky due to the first-to-file system, potentially resulting in losing the right to use your trademark if a third party registers it first. Similarly, assuming that mere use of a trademark provides legal protection is a misconception: official registration is essential. Failing to monitor your trademark for infringements or not enforcing your rights upon detecting unauthorized use can also weaken your rights.


Securing your trademark in China is a fundamental step for businesses entering this vast market. While the process involves navigating a complex legal framework and requires vigilance in both registration and enforcement, the effort is worthwhile. By understanding the nuances of China’s trademark laws, preparing thoroughly, and actively protecting your trademark, you can safeguard your brand and ensure its longevity in the competitive Chinese marketplace.

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