Intellectual property and invoicing – a smart solution

The IPzen Invoicing Solution – Integrated, Smart, Savvy. Imagine a docketing system that includes a savvy invoicing solution all in one place, saving you time, money and administrative juggling of tasks . At IPZen, we have developed a smart invoicing … Read More


IPzen has been designed by trademark lawyers for trademark lawyers, consultants and professionals. IPzen makes the job of managing trademark portfolios easier because we understand trademarks. We know what our clients need and expect from us. Moreover, we believe in … Read More

IP Trademark Portfolio Management Systems, Digital Automation & The Workplace

Digital transformation and automation across every industry has significantly shifted the environment of how, when and where we work because data and digitally driven business models have become mainstream.   Prior to the Covid pandemic, office work day schedules hummed … Read More

portefeuille de marques

How to successfully transfer or integrate a trademark portfolio into a trademark management platform?

The trademark portfolio, which refers to the set of trademarks owned, should be coherent, balanced and managed through a trademark architecture strategy. In practice, however, managing a portfolio can be complex, especially when it comes to integrating it into a … Read More

The IPzen platform – The trademark module

Are you a legal professional looking for a simple, efficient and lasting solution to manage your IP portfolio? Your business is growing and you want to organise your files in the best possible way? Discover IPzen plateform: a software designed … Read More

Finding The Right IP Management Software For Your Business

Finding The Right IP Management Software For Your Business

In the trademark portfolio world, there are a variety of factors to consider while searching for the optimal IP management system. Between managing trademark portfolios, domain name, invoicing, cases, and documents from multiple sources, it can cause significant internal and external … Read More

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What to do in the event of a suspicious or misleading trademark payment notice?

It is happening more and more that dishonest private companies and scammers, approach trademark applicants to ask them to pay certain service fees or other payments that are in fact neither necessary nor legally required. In order to avoid these … Read More


How can legal technology benefit your business?

The idea of legal technology – also known as legal tech – refers to legal solutions that link the use of technology and powerful software to provide legal services to legal professionals. More than 78% of legal techs were created … Read More

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Mobile applications: what protection of icons by trademark law?

The market for mobile application never cease to grow. Global user spent $143 billions in mobile apps in 2020. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Netflix. Each of these app are highly recognizable thanks to their icons. In order to protect this … Read More