Five Reasons Why Your Law Firm Should Go Paperless

Five Reasons Why Your Law Firm Should Go Paperless

Whether you’re part of a wider team or a solo operator, managing IP and most other forms of legal casework is easier, faster and more efficient with paperless solutions.

According to a recent article from The Indiana Lawyer, switching to a paperless operation can save a law firm up to 50 percent of its administration costs. The switch is often painless and cheap, and the rewards can be wide-ranging for firms that manage and protect intellectual property rights.


1. Most clients have already gone digital

Most companies that require legal representation to monitor and enforce IP rights already manage their affairs digitally. A law firm that still uses paper, ink, postal services and other physical means of communication may not be in a position to work efficiently for an IP client. The ability to send and receive communications is crucial in the digital age. If your law firm can’t communicate and collaborate over the ether, your clients may be tempted to switch to a firm that can.


2. Boost your company’s green credentials

Corporate responsibility is very important to companies these days. In many cases, commitments to recycling, reducing carbon emissions and being kind to the environment are woven into an organisation’s Mission Statement. If you can’t guarantee green working practices — such as paperless operations — your existing and potential clients might choose a law firm that can.


3. Streamline the process of sharing documents

Managing and protecting domain names, copyrights, trademarks, designs and other forms of intellectual property requires a fast and efficient communication network. The speedy exchange, editing and sharing of documents is essential for law firms, but these processes are always unnecessarily cumbersome when paper is involved. By switching to a paperless IP management tool such as IPzen, your firm can streamline the management of documents — resulting in lower costs, improved customer satisfaction and more efficient case management.


4. Keep information more secure

Securing paper documents safely and securely is not easy. Whether you are protecting a client’s data from fire, theft or espionage, you need to know the documents passing through your firm are protected from loss. With Cloud-based management systems such as IPzen, documents are encrypted and stored behind login credentials. Furthermore, documents are being backed up and protected from viruses continually.


5. Boost productivity

If your law firm is still relying on paper for effective case management, the chances are your competitors have an edge when it comes to productivity. Online IP protection tools such as IPzen allow you to edit, save and share thousands of documents with a click of a button. With paper, however, the process of exchanging documents is both laborious and time-consuming. Paper-based operations take longer to administer, resulting in higher costs. Moreover, longer administration processes often mean a law firm can’t deal with as many clients as a firm using paperless technology.

Implementing IPzen into your law firm is a cost-effective way of moving to a paperless operation. With just an Internet connection and some login credentials, your clients and colleagues can access the information they need from anywhere in the World. But don’t take out word for it; see for yourself what going paperless can do for your firm. Contact us today for your free, no-obligation online demonstration of IPzen.

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