IP Trademark Portfolio Management Systems, Digital Automation & The Workplace

Digital transformation and automation across every industry has significantly shifted the environment of how, when and where we work because data and digitally driven business models have become mainstream.


Prior to the Covid pandemic, office work day schedules hummed along easily from Monday to Friday with weekends separating our routines for home or lifestyle free time. Then everything changed with lockdowns. Our homes or apartments became our only sanctuary both for living and working. The phenomena of “remote access” enabling everyone to work-from-home finally got the big push that turned our way of working in the future on its head! This phenomena has exponentially changed the workplace environment, for good.

Technological automation of availability to work remotely from home, in coworking shared office environments, dedicated enterprise buildings or other preferred working spaces, has become the new normal. This is due to the innovative availability of advanced technological strides fast tracked into the development of online, cloud based applications and solutions. The old-fashioned disaster recovery and business continuity planning strategies became a story of the past. The pandemic forced the world to dramatically pivot to total remote access.

Most Intellectual Property Law firms have had the advantage of being well ahead in this capacity from a digital transformational and automation point of view.

Over the past decade, IP law firms, in particular, have had the advantage and opportunity to transfer onto cloud-based platforms more readily. Innovative SaaS products have been developed to serve and manage entire IP lifecycles for files, trademarks, domain names, patents, copyrights and watch services. Some of these solutions have also creatively added dashboards, alerts, inbuilt monitoring and invoicing modules that are easy to understand and manage.

These solutions have only become easier and safer to use which has made the possibility of automation all the more reason to embrace this time of digital transformation for your organisation.

How is your organisation coping with digital transformation and automation? Are you looking for an “all-in-one” automated software solution that could make your life easier and help you dive right into this already exploding time of digital transformation? How are you managing TRADEMARK PORTFOLIOS and DOCKETING FILES?

As we digitally transform and move to automation, there are exciting opportunities and solutions available to help smooth the way through this transition.


At IPzen we understand that searching for the right solution can be daunting. So we have designed a flexible, easy-to-use, “all-in-one” online platform linking all necessary requirements together in one place to follow each file that will make your work life easier to manage anywhere, anytime and at a sensible, flexible price as outlined here :

♦ IPzen, a system that allows an easy management of trademarks and domain names portfolios, with an overall vision of renewal deadlines, Affidavit deadlines, etc.

♦ IPzen, designed by IP lawyers for IP professionals and Law firms to manage entire IP rights portfolios in a private cloud environment. Modules can be easily used by non-legal firms, corporations or start-ups, to diligently manage their work files and day to day activities.

♦ IPzen, an innovative, automated software to effectively manage tasks for the entire IP lifecycle, allowing you to have more time to manage your business and spend quality time advising or liaising with your clients.

We are all navigating our way through digital transformation and automation. Why struggle to stay ahead of the game in this continuous evolving digital environment?

For more information and if you would like to request a demo about the IPzen Trademark Portfolio Management system and other innovative modules to manage your files, do not hesitate to contact us.

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