IP Trademark Portfolio Management Systems, Digital Automation & The Workplace

Digital transformation and automation across every industry has significantly shifted the environment of how, when and where we work because data and digitally driven business models have become mainstream.   Prior to the Covid pandemic, office work day schedules hummed … Read More

Finding The Right IP Management Software For Your Business

Finding The Right IP Management Software For Your Business

In the trademark portfolio world, there are a variety of factors to consider while searching for the optimal IP management system. Between managing trademark portfolios, domain name, invoicing, cases, and documents from multiple sources, it can cause significant internal and external … Read More

Intelligence artificielle et propriété intellectuelle

Should artificial intelligence be protected by intellectual property law?

From Netflix recommendation system to self-driving car tests, or the Google Home smart assistant, artificial intelligence (AI), defined by ISO 2382-28 as “the ability of a functional unit to perform functions. commonly associated with human intelligence, such as reasoning and … Read More