How to identify counterfeiting in Covid – 19 vaccines?

The number of illegal classified ads intended to sell real or fake vaccines, or fake certificates of vaccination against Covid, is on the rise. Sold from $ 500, these products very often turn out to be scams or fakes. “As … Read More

Counterfeiting Wine in China: a disturbing scourge

China is a country where counterfeiting is commonplace. Clothing, cosmetics, technological devices… China touches everything. The country is now attacking the wine market, which is causing increasing concern among French wine producers and exporters, who are now facing what the … Read More

“Karawan” and “Caravan”: sign used as a reference, potential trademark infringement.

According to the judgment “Société Roche Bobois Groupe v. Société Caravane” of 23 January 2019, n° 17-18693, the French Cour de cassation held that a sign used to reference a piece of furniture may constitute a trademark infringement. In the … Read More

How is counterfeiting really characterized?

For the average consumer, a counterfeit is just a copy of an original product. Hence, there are many misconceptions attached to this term, such as “this is not a counterfeit because the trademark is not reproduced on the product” or … Read More

Some tips for protecting against counterfeit

The fight against counterfeiting is an important issue for companies that must proactively protect their intellectual property rights. The financial consequences of counterfeiting can sometimes be significant for companies. In this respect, the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) published … Read More