Cloud technology

IPzen Vlog – INTA Boston 2019

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Cloud-based docketing systems : a more secure and efficient solution for IP attorneys

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Cloud technology – From an economic standpoint

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Cloud computing: what you need to know, Part. I

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Five Reasons Why Your Law Firm Should Go Paperless

Five Reasons Why Your Law Firm Should Go Paperless Whether you’re part of a wider team or a solo operator, managing IP and most other forms of legal casework is easier, faster and more efficient with paperless solutions. According to … Read More

Law Firms Playing a Leading Role in the SaaS Revolution

Sales of “Software as a service” (SaaS) packages are expected to grow by 20% to $106 billion in 2016. An increasing number of law firms are switching to these Cloud- based systems to cut costs, drive efficiencies and improve client … Read More

How Are Lawyers Using Software to Increase Efficiency?

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7 Reasons Why Open Source Technology is Good for Businesses

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How cloud computing is revolutionizing the legal industry

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Benefits of Developing Collaborative Software with Cloud Technology. Try, IPzen, IP management software in the cloud

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