Challenge to the validity of the « three-stripes » figurative trademark of Adidas, because of a lack of distinctiveness.

According to the judgment « Adidas AG / EUIPO », T-307/17, of the 19th of June 2019, the General Court (ninth chamber) of the European Union dismissed an appeal by Adidas against the decision of the EUIPO to declare the famous « three-stripes » … Read More

Remise en cause de la marque figurative à « 3 bandes » d’Adidas pour défaut de preuve de la distinctivité

Dans l’arrêt « Adidas AG / EUIPO », T-307/17, en date du 19 juin 2019, la 9ème chambre du Tribunal de l’Union européenne (TUE) rejette l’action en appel formée par Adidas et remet ainsi en cause la distinctivité de sa marque figurative … Read More

Conflict between trademark and plant variety

In the decision of June 18, 2019, the General Court of Justice of the European Union applied Article 7, paragraph 1, m) of Regulation No. 2017/1001, which prohibits the registration of trademarks that consist of “an earlier plant variety denomination … Read More

New developments for trademark protection in China: what has changed.

China is once again named top one in trademark applications received in 2018, making already 16 consecutive years. In addition, many changes impacted the Chinese Trademark Law and the China Trade Mark Office (CTMO), the most remarkable ones are the … Read More

Brexit : La sortie du Royaume-Uni et les règles de l’UE concernant les noms de domaine en

Malgré les incertitudes liées au Brexit, certains enjeux semblent voir la lumière au bout du tunnel. Le 18 juillet 2019, la Commission Européenne a publié un avis actualisé aux parties prenantes concernant les noms de domaine en <.eu> enregistrés par … Read More

Disputes regarding domain names and : it is now possible to act before the WIPO Mediation and Arbitration Centre.

The China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), registry of the <.CN> and <.中国>ccTLDs, has designated WIPO to provide dispute resolution services under the China ccTLD Dispute Resolution Policy. Disputes in relation to these ccTLDs may be filed with WIPO from … Read More

Litiges sur les noms de domaine en et en : il est aujourd’hui possible d’agir devant le centre d’arbitrage de l’OMPI

Le China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), registre des ccTLDs en  <.CN> et en <.中国>, a désigné l’OMPI pour la résolution des conflits dans le cadre du règlement des litiges des ccTLD chinois. Les litiges relatifs à ces ccTLD,  pourront … Read More

Trademarks: coordination between the principle of specialty and the Evin French Law on alcohol trademarks

The “principle of specialty” in trademarks law is set out in article L. 713-3 of the French Intellectual Property Code, under which the owner of a trademark only has a monopoly for the products and services that the trademark designates. … Read More

How is counterfeiting really characterized?

For the average consumer, a counterfeit is just a copy of an original product. Hence, there are many misconceptions attached to this term, such as “this is not a counterfeit because the trademark is not reproduced on the product” or … Read More

The milestone of two million EU trademark applications reached

The European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) has announced that the milestone of two million EU trademark applications has been reached. In a press release issued on June 10, EUIPO states that the two millionth EU trademark applicant is a … Read More