Start Your New Year with IPzen :The Easy-To-Use Solution for all your Intellectual Property Needs

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Intellectual property and invoicing – a smart solution

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IPzen trademark portfolio

IPZEN : Trademark Docketing System

Managing complicated trademark portfolios could be an incredibly time-consuming and niggling task as it involves the cooperation of legal, IT and administrative departments. Yet, even the slightest oversight could potentially result in disastrous consequences such as missed deadlines and lapsed … Read More


Dive Into Summer With A Cutting-Edge Trademark Docketing & Invoicing Tool

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The IPzen platform – The trademark module

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Greater Well-Being Means A Better Business

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avis suspect de marque

What to do in the event of a suspicious or misleading trademark payment notice?

It is happening more and more that dishonest private companies and scammers, approach trademark applicants to ask them to pay certain service fees or other payments that are in fact neither necessary nor legally required. In order to avoid these … Read More

How do we prepare to return to the office?

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applications mobiles et droit des marques

Mobile applications: what protection of icons by trademark law?

The market for mobile application never cease to grow. Global user spent $143 billions in mobile apps in 2020. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Netflix. Each of these app are highly recognizable thanks to their icons. In order to protect this … Read More

Snapchat, réseaux sociaux, filtre, design

Can Snapchat be sued for its Speed filter, which is considered dangerous?

Can social media company Snapchat be sued for designing a Speed filter in such a way that it allegedly encourages dangerous behavior? After 2 kids died in a car crash while using Snapchat, Court says family members may sue the … Read More