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IPzen has been designed by trademark lawyers for trademark lawyers, consultants and professionals. IPzen makes the job of managing trademark portfolios easier because we understand trademarks. We know what our clients need and expect from us. Moreover, we believe in … Read More

IP Trademark Portfolio Management Systems, Digital Automation & The Workplace

Digital transformation and automation across every industry has significantly shifted the environment of how, when and where we work because data and digitally driven business models have become mainstream.   Prior to the Covid pandemic, office work day schedules hummed … Read More

Plateforme de propriété intellectuelle

The Benefits of One Unified IP Management Solution

As a legal trademark or IP professional, it often requires having to juggle many different plates at any given time. From managing all your files, trademark management, invoicing, domain names, legal tech, and the myriad of other operations in your … Read More


How can legal technology benefit your business?

The idea of legal technology – also known as legal tech – refers to legal solutions that link the use of technology and powerful software to provide legal services to legal professionals. More than 78% of legal techs were created … Read More

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How to effectively manage your trademarks portfolio?

The trademarks portfolio management system has been designed to be efficient and secure to adapt to your technical needs. IPzen is one of the best, easy-to-use management software for intellectual property professionals available on the market. Today, there is a … Read More

Intelligence artificielle et propriété intellectuelle

Should artificial intelligence be protected by intellectual property law?

From Netflix recommendation system to self-driving car tests, or the Google Home smart assistant, artificial intelligence (AI), defined by ISO 2382-28 as “the ability of a functional unit to perform functions. commonly associated with human intelligence, such as reasoning and … Read More

How the XYZ company wins the auction for the .car, .cars and .auto extensions?

The company XYZ created in 2015 by Daniel Negari, specializing in top level domain names and, more particularly, in the monopoly of the <.xyz> extension, has had  great success since Google announced that it had reserved this extension for the … Read More

How the proceedings for invalidity and revocation (before the INPI) work?

As of April 1, 2020, it is now possible to bring actions for cancellation on grounds of invalidity and revocation on grounds of nonuse of trademarks at the French trademark Office –INPI.   Among the new developments resulting from the … Read More

Modification of the opposition procedure in France

2019: the key figures of intellectual property (INPI)

  The figures in this infographics come from studies conducted by the INPI.